Beat Thang Virtual Review – Read The Complete BTV Solo Review

beat thang virtual softwareWelcome to Beat Thang Virtual. BTV Solo is the number one music production software, and we’ll show you why.

Beat Thang Virtual was named Best DJ Innovation (and really best producer innovation) by DJ Zone, the world’s internationally largest DJ magazine sold in 23 countries (and counting).

You can learn how to produce music, get lifetime upgrades to updates and expansions, add new sounds and upgrade features as you get better, and ultimately turn your PC or MAC computer into an entire studio.

Overview Of Beat Thang Virtual Features:

First, for those that don’t know about the main features of this beat making software, let me tell you the key points of this software, and what you’ll find in BTVSolo.

dallas austin- All you need is a computer keyboard (no need for external instruments or midi or hardware).

- You CAN use external instruments, sounds, effects, and plug it right in to BTVSolo if you want.

- It works on both MAC and PC computers. No worries, you can install this software on literally any computer out there.

- You also get 1,000 professional sounds and samples, as well as 100 pro drum kits, 100 professionally made tracks, and 100 electronic and acoustic instruments.

- The software also comes with a built-in mixer for adjusting volume, effects, frequency and panning (and more), as well as an onboard effects rack with over 60 effects (phasers, compressors, limitors, reverbs, delays, and so many more).

- ADVANCED sample editing tools for the more advanced producers (includes timestretch, pitch-shifting, autochop, normalize, and again many many more tools inside the software).

An Honest Look At BTVSolo Software (The Facts):

Look, let’s just get right down to the facts. You want to know everything BTV Solo has to offer, and why it’s better than other beat making and music production software on the market today.

btvsolo honest reviewFirst of all, the sounds in Beat Thang Virtual are amazing! The general software comes with thousands of sounds, instruments, effects, and you can edit and mix the sounds together to have your own unique sounds.

Next, it is SO EASY to make beats with this software. Amazingly quick and simple navigation, shortcuts and triggers – quantize with one click, change record modes, swing, bar structure, autochop, effects, delays, reverbs, attack, decay, sustain, release, it’s all here!

Build your kits, combine and overlay sounds and instruments together to get your own unique sounding beat or music production. You can use the on-board quick effects and mastering kit, song mode, use modulation and pitch wheels, custom instruments, the list goes on and on.

Really, Beat Thang Virtual has everything you need to make some bangin’ beats, songs, and music productions. It’s the only music production software you need in my opinion, but of course that doesn’t mean you have to only use BTV Solo on it’s own. You can plug in any other software or hardware into Beat Thang Virtual and make beats how you would normally, just better, faster, and easier!

Are You A Beat Making Newbie? We’ve got training videos!

btv solo training videosWhether or not you are a beat making newbie, we have an entire set of training videos that you will be able to use right after downloading the BTV Solo software.

If you are already a producer and know your way around, you can still use these videos to make sure you get everything set up and installed correctly, as well as how to use the software.

And even if you are a complete newbie to making music or producing music, there’s even more videos that teach you the basics of making beats, as well as how to quickly and easily use advanced features inside the software.

Here is just a quick look at the video tutorials and training videos you will find and use after downloading and installing Beat Thang Virtual: Intro to production, setting up folders, setting up controllers, banking up and down, setting up pad controllers, setting up for both PC and MAC, install instructions after download, tap tempo, looping beats, using copy and insert, metronome, transport, stop play record pause, how to set up all your tracks, editing in quick kit mode, muting and soloing tracks, mixing and filtering, panning, erasing single notes as well as full tracks, editing entire banks at once, how to use time stretch and pitch shift, loading your own samples, making instruments, using and creating custom drum kits, using gate, sample wave form edits, kit mode layering, song mode, live pattern exporting, changing skins, the freak effect button, and more.

You will also be able to watch videos of beats being made on BTV Solo, so you can follow along and make your own beats easily, and literally minutes after downloading Beat Thang Virtual.

But What Does The Industry Have To Say About BTV Solo?

It’s no secret that producers, DJs, and industry professionals LOVE Beat Thang Virtual.

beat thang virtual industry pro reviews

So WHO exactly loves Beat Thang Virtual and BKE Products? Well, to name a few…

Dallas Austin, Anoop Desai, Drumma Boi, David Crabtree, DJ Toomp, Jermaine Dupri, Rock Wilder, Jazze Pha, Alonso Choza, Ill Factor, LayLaw, Tricky Stewart, DJ Ruckus, “Commissioner” Gordon Williams, Teddy Riley, Jon Platt, Bob Ezrin, “Big” Jim Wright, Kerry Krucial Keys, Phil Tan and Leslie Tan, Chilli, Norbz, and SO many more.

If these guys and girls love it, shouldn’t you? There is absolutely no other software like this that has so many great ratings, reviews, and industry professional backings as BTVSolo, the Beat Thang Virtual music production software.

But honestly, make a decision for yourself here, and don’t download it just because others download it – Download it because you actually see the value and WANT it.

Beat Thang Virtual, The Bottom Line…

Here’s the bottom line. With music production software, especially beat making software, I always look for a few main things.

beat thang virtual downloadEasy of use: BTVSolo is definitely easy to use. Right after you download it, you can quickly install the software and get started on your first beat in 2 minutes. Seriously, the kits and pads load up right away!

(And if you still need more convincing, once you download Beat Thang Virtual, you can watch dozens of videos that will get you set up, making beats, and using all the features this software has to offer.)

LOTS of sounds: Again, BTV Solo has some wicked sounds. Drums, lots of kits, instruments, lots of sounds, it’s all there. There’s single note instruments, chorded instruments, sounds and instruments with effects already added to them.

Additional / advanced editing: No one makes it easier than BTVSolo here. You can access effects and mixers with one click, and be able to edit your sounds on the fly, even while your beat or music production is playing, as well as before and/or after recording.

Creating and exporting songs: You may have noticed, but some beat makers and music production software just don’t cut it these days. I’ve bought software that didn’t even allow you to make a full song – only little bits and pieces. With Beat Thang Virtual, you are able to make single instrument or drum bars, layer things together, create up to 16 tracks, and sequence them together into an entire song.

buy btvsolo

There’s not much more I can say about Beat Thang Virtual. You either grab it, download it, and install it for the super low price it’s at right now, or you pass it up and let the next guy or girl pick up this awesome music production software.